Local immigration lawyers say they're seeing an influx of interest in moving north of the border hours after Donald Trump was named the victor of the U.S. election.

While Trump's supporters were pleased with the outcome, some who backed Hillary Clinton are thinking of trading in their stars and stripes for the maple leaf.

As the results came in on Tuesday night, Canada's immigration website was overloaded with online traffic and temporarily crashed.

At the same time, Google registered a spike in American searches about moving to Canada and the hashtag #MovetoCanada was trending on Twitter.

Some Canadians have jokingly offered to marry Americans looking to escape, and a realtor posed an ad targeting U.S. residents who may be looking for new homes in the Great White North.

Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston has said he'd consider moving north, and Snoop Dogg asked Toronto-born rapper Drake to put him up for a night in Canada.

Some even went as far as to contact immigration lawyers to find out how difficult the move would be.

Vancouver-based lawyer Rudi Kischer said his firm noticed an uptick in inquiries on Wednesday.

"We are getting an influx of emails. We are definitely getting people calling," he told CTV News.

He said the interest sparked by the election outcome is similar to one more than a decade ago. The same thing happened when George W. Bush was elected in 2004, but Kischer said he expects even more business this time around.

But some callers will be surprised by the answers immigration lawyers provide, he said. Canada only accepts about 6,000 Americans per year, so those hoping to flee may have to wait.

"Some Americans are surprised how defined the border is, and that they actually have to go through an application process," Kischer explained.

"It's actually very difficult to immigrate to Canada."

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Jonathan Glasgow