Swedish furniture giant Ikea has launched a line of flat-pack, do it yourself houses in the U.S.

The one-bedroom prefabricated residences, named the Aktiv, will retail for around $86,500 and will be marketed to people who find home ownership too costly.

The modular homes, which debuted at Oregon's Home and Garden Expo earlier this month, are co-designed with architectural firm Ideabox.

The firm says the 745-square-foot Aktiv is a perfect cost-effective option for home buyers in the Pacific Northwest.

The dwelling centers around space-saving furniture and products, and is designed to be eco-friendly, featuring Energy Star appliances and a dual-flush toilet.

It includes an open concept living room, kitchen and dining room area, and bedroom.

The home is furnished with a complete Ikea package including Pax wardrobes, Tundra maple flooring and Abstrakt cabinets.

The Aktiv is being marketed as "your own personal Euro designer flat… only where you want it!"

No word yet on whether the homes will be sold in Canada.

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