With the cost of living in Vancouver sky high, and hotel rooms going for a premium, many locals are turning to short term rental sites like Airbnb to supplement their incomes.

One unique ad for accommodations in Kits lists a camper van called ‘The Pickle’ for $85 per night.

The green Dodge doesn’t boast many amenities but has apparently been recently renovated and has cedar walls, recessed lighting, propane heat and a refrigerator.

“For $85 CDN? Probably not,” said tourist Taru Kumpulienen when told what the van costs. “It’s very nice but no thank you.”

The van is parked in the heart of Kits and has received very high marks from the ten people who have written reviews about it on Airbnb.

“The Pickle is warm and cozy. It felt like home after only four days, and I was sad to see our time come to an end,” wrote Victoria who stayed in the van in November. “Super convenient location if you're wanting to hang out and check out local shops and eats, or head into Downtown Vancouver.”

pickle van

The Pickle is booked for most of May with only a couple of three night stretches showing as available on the website, and June is already filling up as well.

"If I were going on a long trip it's possible that I might rent that because I actually like camper vans and I think it would be dope to go down the coast,” said Shawn Burke as he walked past the van.

Unfortunately for him, the ad clearly states the price of accommodations doesn’t include driving privileges.

The van is insured and has a valid parking permit for the area – a point that drew the ire of one neighbour on social media.

“Taking up very limited permit parking on my block for at least 6 weeks,” tweets @FIVRE604. “At least they aren't using something locals would?”


There are a number of other listings on Airbnb for the neighbourhood which list entire apartments for rent.

"If people aren't causing general problems, then I don't see it as a problem. But not everybody has that belief so we'll see,” said neighbour Stefan Holecka when asked what he thought of the van.

The City of Vancouver says anyone renting out a van on Airbnb should have a valid business license and respect parking rules.

The person posting the advertisement for the van declined CTV Vancouver’s request to discuss it.

pickle van