Former RCMP spokesman Insp. Tim Shields has been suspended with pay as the force investigates undisclosed allegations against him.

Sgt. Rob Vermeulen confirmed the high-profile Mountie was suspended May 19 pending the outcome of a Code of Conduct investigation, but couldn’t provide details about the nature of the probe.

A suspension in the context of Code of Conduct proceedings is not a disciplinary measure, Vermeulen added.

Shields is also currently facing two lawsuits from civilian RCMP employees Atoya Montague and Anitra Singh.

Both women reported directly or indirectly to Shields while he was in communications for the B.C. RCMP’s E Division, and allege he subjected them to unwanted sexual advances.

Among their claims are an incident where Shields allegedly propositioned Montague for sex during a work road trip, showing her his erection through his shorts, and another where he allegedly forced Singh to touch him inappropriately in a bathroom.

Shields has denied all the allegations, none of which have been proven in court.

In his statements of defence, Shields said Montague was a willing participant in sexual banter and jokes in the office, and that Singh pursued an intimate relationship with him, which he avoided.

Shields said he never sexually harassed either of the women and did not assault Singh.

An internal RCMP Code of Conduct probe in 2013 deemed Montague’s allegations against him “unsubstantiated.”