The price of gas is hovering around $1.51 per litre for most stations around Metro Vancouver Sunday, which is the highest since November. said the increase is driven by the temporary closure of two refineries in Washington state for spring maintenance.

It also predicts even higher prices on April 1, when British Columbians will see a net increase of 1.14 cents a litre due to a hike in the provincial carbon tax.

Last year, the carbon tax started at $35 per tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. The tax rate will go up each year by $5 per tonne until it reaches $50 per tonne in 2021.

Before the tax hike, GasBuddy expects slight increases mostly due to demand.

Out in the Fraser Valley where gas prices tend to be lower, GasBuddy is reporting some Abbotsford stations are charging $1.25 per litre.