The price of gas reached 156.9 cents a litre in parts of Metro Vancouver overnight, meaning some drivers in the region are paying more to fuel up than ever before. 

The pain at the pumps began overnight Wednesday when prices climbed to 155.9, tying the previous record that was set back in June 2014.

But that record has officially been broken after some stations, including in Vancouver and White Rock, started selling for a full cent more.

Analysts have blamed temporary refinery closures and the shutdown of the Olympic pipeline in Washington State for the unprecedented spike in prices, but the hurt is expected to continue long after the supply issues are resolved.

That's partly because of B.C.'s carbon tax increase from $30 per tonne of CO2 to $35, according to Dan McTeague of

McTeague has predicted prices will hit $1.60 a litre during the summer as demand for gas increases.