Spring is nesting season for a lot of birds, but one gaggle of Canada geese made a serious gaffe with their choice in Vancouver real estate.

A pair of geese built their nest on a secluded third-floor balcony on the University of British Columbia campus. Their decision was noted by office workers, but it initially didn't ruffle any feathers.

"We just love them," said Kathie McAran, who became a temporary goose guardian.

They even named their nesting neighbours: Will and Kate.

But the problem was that once their five goslings hatched, the royal family was trapped. The balcony is too high up, and the goslings are not yet able to fly.

"So they're stuck. And these poor things just don't know what to do. But help is on the way," McAran said.

Their saviours arrived Thursday in the form of two volunteers from the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC.

"If they stayed here the goslings would all die," Elizabeth Grant said.

They approached quietly, with four nets ready to nab the feathered family. Grant helped to corral the parents, while others including CTV Vancouver's Scott Hurst helped to round up the rest.

After a short struggle, the mission was accomplished and the birds were caged temporarily.

"That's a very typical rescue of trapped geese," Grant said.

"If they're healthy, all we can do is get them out of their trapped situation and we then release them in the area they've chosen to live."

Will, Kate and their youngsters were freed in an undisclosed location near the water. Their rescuers are hopeful they'll have the change to spread their wings and get their feet wet.

For more information on the Wildlife Rescue Association, or for details on how to make a donation, visit their website.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Scott Hurst