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First-in-Canada recovery program opens in East Vancouver, B.C.


A new, first-in-Canada café has opened a permanent location East Vancouver in hopes of filling a gap in care for people who are recovering from substance use, mental illness and homelessness.

The Kettle Society will operate The Recovery Café, a drug and alcohol-free space located at 620 Clark Drive, adding to 48 of the same community hubs in the U.S.

“Typically, an individual in crisis receives emergency intervention until they begin to experience stability. The lack of options for ongoing support leads may people to become isolated in the community,” The Kettle Society said in a statement Friday morning.

Once people sign up to be a member at The Recovery Café, they're provided with opportunities to learn new skills they can then apply to help run the space, like barista training.

The cafe itself will be comprised of a group meeting space, multi-purpose rooms, a computer lounge, and a coffee bar.

"At the recovery cafe, everyone is recovering from something," the statement reads. 

One free meal will be served daily at the cafe, coffee and other beverages will be available, which members will help prepare. 

The program also provides connections to resources and specialists who can help members navigate their recovery journey, including housing and employment options.

The Kettle Society says 50 members are already participating in the program following a soft launch earlier this year, and it hopes that number will grow to 300 in the coming years.

Prospective members can visit the café between 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. Top Stories

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