A terminally ill feral cat known as "Grandpa Mason" got to spend the last moments of his life surrounded by kittens, just as he would have wanted it.

The battle-scarred cat was made famous online after being brought in by a rescue group in Langley called Tiny Kittens in 2016. 

His rescuers described him as one of the oldest feral cats they'd ever seen. The elderly feline was also suffering from kidney disease and despite his tough exterior—they wanted to give him a comfortable home to live out his last days.

Tiny Kittens posted on social media Wednesday:, "Grandpa Mason's test results from this afternoon show his kidneys have failed. We were not expecting it to happen this fast."

"With the certainty that his body is failing fast, the most important gift we owe him is the dignity of a peaceful and painless transition before he reaches a point of suffering."

The rescue organization is known around the world for its work bringing in cats, getting them neutered and re-homing them. The group often documents its rescues through livestreams, which are watched worldwide.

Mason became known as a "grandpa" because of his love of kittens. He had trouble adjusting to life in a home and being around humans until two foster kittens came along. Rescuers quickly realized Mason had a soft spot for kittens and loved being surrounded by them. Every time a new litter of foster kittens came in, Mason would play and cuddle with them.

The rescue group said in its post that "his impact will live on, and he will continue to change the narrative about feral, old, sick, 'different' cats. We will make sure of it."