The hot debate over whether the Vancouver Women's Field Hockey Association should allow players to wear shorts instead of skirts is over.

The league came under fire recently for forcing female players to wear the traditional skirted uniforms, even though junior leagues and university teams regularly allow shorts.

Player Kaity Cooper said the rule was out of touch and offensive.

She and a friend were sent a threatening letter from the league saying they’d be red-carded if they wore shorts again.

After launching an online campaign pushing for the right to wear shorts, the league agreed to hold a vote on the issue.

And on Wednesday night, the decision was made to allow players to wear shorts, as long as the entire team wears the same thing.

"We wanted to keep the integrity of the team look as part of it and didn't want our league to become a beer-league looking league,” said board member Cydney Smythies.

Cooper believes some teams will make the transition to wearing shorts, but despite the ruling it still won’t be easy.

“It is unfortunate it's not an individual choice because player will be in the same position because they have to convince the majority of their team or even their club if they want to be able to wear shorts," she said.

The teams have time to decide what to wear, as the next season doesn't start until September.