VANCOUVER -- Drone video from B.C.'s Sunshine Coast shows a pod of orcas passing through the area.

The video was captured by B.C. filmmaker Anna Baker.

The whales are seen surfacing near Roberts Creek on Saturday.

Watch the full video above.

Baker's video comes just a couple of weeks after heightened orca activity was noted off the coast of Vancouver Island.

On Easter weekend, 56 killer whales were seen in the area and off northern Washington state.

Naturalists reported four separate pods of Bigg's killer whales in the Strait of Georgia, Haro Strait and Puget Sound, as well as near the San Juan Islands.

Members of the J pod of southern resident orcas were also spotted in the area. 

And earlier this year, a group of divers noted they'd seen an orca calf not far off Vancouver Island. 

With files from CTV News Vancouver Island