More than seven months after the B.C. government ended tolling on the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges, drivers still owe around $33 million in unpaid bills.

That's despite repeat reminders for motorists to settle up, and the fact that ICBC can refuse to renew driver's licences and insurance for anyone carrying around an outstanding debt.

TransLink, which owns the Golden Ears Bridge, told CTV News it has also started sending some leftover bills to collections.

"Your bill isn't going away," spokesperson Jill Drews said. "We will make every effort to collect what's outstanding."

According to TransLink, there is about $18 million worth of unpaid tolls for the Golden Ears alone. Another $15 million is owed for outstanding tolls on the Port Mann.

TransLink has already mailed out two separate notices to drivers urging them to pay up. Drews said the collections agency is being used to motivate people who otherwise wouldn't be bothered to pay, perhaps because they stopped driving since racking up their toll bills.

"That refusal to issue insurance isn't going to be a great motivator for them," Drews said. "No one wants to go to collections. It's not a fun experience."

In the meantime, outstanding bills are collecting interest, Drews added. People with toll debts can also get dinged with a $20 processing fee through ICBC.

While some might question why the government is bothering to chase after outstanding tolls, B.C.'s Ministry of Transportation said it's a matter of fairness. TransLink agreed, noting that letting holdouts off the hook could be frustrating for drivers who actually paid what they owed.

People can pay off their outstanding Golden Ears tolls online anytime through TransLink. Port Mann tolls can be paid through TReO

With files from CTV Vancouver's Michele Brunoro