VANCOUVER -- Free vaccines for COVID-19 are among the latest promises doled out in the third week of B.C.'s election campaign.

NDP Leader John Horgan said any British Columbian who wants a vaccine, once actually approved and available, would be entitled to the shot for free under his government.

In a news release, Horgan said the promise was part of a $1.6-billion pandemic plan from the NDP.

Additionally, the platform includes boosting availability of flu shots in B.C. The New Democrats also pledge to hire more health-care workers for long-term care facilities.

Andrew Wilkinson's Liberals made the same promise for free vaccines on Twitter a short time later.

But whether B.C. residents are actually interested in the vaccine offer remains to be seen.

As recently as last week, a poll suggested many Canadians would be hesitant about getting a shot to protect them against the novel coronavirus, at least when it's just been released. 

The poll conducted by the Angus Reid Institute suggested those on Canada's east and west coasts were more willing to inoculate early, while the most hesitant live in Quebec and Alberta.

Among the promises made by another of B.C.'s other major parties – the Liberals – are increased funding for seniors' care homes and a temporary halt to PST.

The Green Party platform includes comprehensive and accessible health-care, as well as further funding for mental health resources, and long-term care reform.