Every Friday, Consumer Reporter Lynda Steele dips into the mailbag to answer your questions. This week, Steele on Your Side investigates nutritional labels on alcoholic beverages and a Walmart photo fiasco.

Nutritional labelling

Dave wrote CTV News to ask why beer bottles in Canada don't have nutritional information on their labels like food products do. 

Health Canada says the labelling of alcoholic beverages is a complex matter and that nutrition is only one of the factors that needs to be taken into consideration when making a decision about drinking.

Other factors include, alcohol addiction, fetal alcohol syndrome and impaired driving.

Health Canada says adding a nutrition label, strongly associated with foods, to an alcoholic beverage would infer that it can be included as part of a healthy eating plan.

It is possible to find information about the caloric and nutrient content of alcoholic beverages in Health Canada's Nutrient Guide

Walmart photo issues

Michelle wrote Steele on Your Side after ordering two photo pillows from the Walmart Photo Centre in early December. She was supposed to get her order within five business days, well before Christmas. But two months later, the pillows still haven't arrived.

She's not alone. There are other complaints on the Walmart Photo Centre Facebook page. So CTV News contacted the company on Michelle's behalf.

Walmart told us that because of the high volume during the holiday season, several orders weren't delivered on time.

People who didn't receive their orders are being offered 100 free 4x6 prints and a $25 credit. They'll also receive a full refund.