After at least 20 pedestrians were hit by cars in the Lower Mainland in December, police and safety groups are asking for drivers and pedestrians to be more cautious.

Rainy, dark weather can contribute to risk for pedestrians, but the VPD says people simply need to pay attention to avoid accidents. In Vancouver, between 300 and 400 pedestrians are run over every year on average

“There are so many factors involved. What we're asking is for drivers and pedestrians to watch for each other; [that] they make eye contact and they follow the rules of the road,” said Const. Brian Montague.

Ian Pike, safety advocate for the Community Against Preventable Injuries group, said there is particular danger when drivers turn right on the curb.

“They're not expecting that person to make that last minute dash,” said Pike.

According to the VPD, only a handful of children are run over every year. People in their 20s are hit most, and women slightly more than men.

Sgt. Malcolm Evanson was clear in explaining the consequences of not paying attention as a pedestrian.

“Car versus person? Car always wins,” said Evanson.

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s St.John Alexander