Weeks after their chicks were killed by a predator, Canuck the Crow and his mate are expecting again. 

Shawn Bergman, who chronicles the famous crow's life on Facebook, said Canuck's mate has been sitting on their eggs for about 15 days in East Vancouver. The chicks are expected to start hatching later this week.

And while their last nest had little leaf coverage, which left it vulnerable to airborne attacks, Bergman said the new one is "virtually invisible from all sides."

"I don't think they could have picked a better spot," Bergman wrote in a Facebook update. "Canuck isn't having to work as hard … he isn't having to protect the nest as much."

Canuck first captured the public's attention by stealing a knife from a crime scene and dive-bombing postal workers. He was later "employed" at the PNE Fair, with his wages going to an animal shelter.

Bergman and the crow were also the subject of a short documentary, "Canuck and I," back in 2017.