Multiple Grammy award-winning music producer and Victoria, B.C. native David Foster won't be composing the music for the 2010 Olympic Games.

Foster, who has produced work for music heavyweights Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, says he has not been approached by the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee (VANOC).

He says that with just over a year before the Games begin, it's probably too late now.

Of Foster's 15 Grammy awards, three were for producer of the year and he says asking for his help "seems like a no-brainer."

But Foster says there is plenty of other Canadian talent to choose from and he believes those making the decisions may have some other plan.

Foster wrote the theme for the 1988 Calgary Olympics and co-wrote `The Power of the Dream,' the official song of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

The award winner was a keyboardist for the pop group Skylark during the 1970's. He has produced debut albums for Josh Groban and Canadian crooner Michael Buble under his record label, 143 records.

Foster's home life was also featured in a Fox network reality show called The Princes of Malibu, in which he tries to force his two spoiled stepsons to earn their own way.