Vancouver may be known for its weed-friendly attitude and beautiful gardens, but passersby were still surprised to notice what appeared to be a thriving marijuana plant growing in a city traffic circle Monday evening.

The alleged pot plant was discovered in a Mount Pleasant roundabout at the intersection of West 19th Avenue and Ontario Street, growing innocently next to colourful flowers and other greenery.

Though officials haven’t confirmed the plant is marijuana, neighbours say the smell – and appearance - is unmistakable.

“My first guess would be that it would be a cannabis plant, planted in one of our lovely traffic circle gardens,” said resident Stephen Tanner. “I think it represents a good sense of humour in the neighbourhood."

"It looks like weed to me,” laughs Marius, who preferred to be identified only by his first name. “And it definitely smells like it!”

“I think it’s a marijuana plant – I’m familiar with the smell,” says Sharon, another neighbor. “I think it’s great, and it’s going to draw a whole tourism industry here because of this plant!”

The Vancouver Police Department told CTV News the plant was likely legal, but sent out a unit to confirm.

"The alleged marijuana plant growing in the traffic circle at West 19th Avenue and Ontario Street has been removed for analysis and has been determined to likely be a male cannabis plant and therefore not capable of producing THC, rendering the plant legal hemp," says Sgt. Randy Fincham said in an email.

"That plant is legal…unless it is being watered after a stage 4 water restriction, which would make it a bylaw offence."

City officials have yet to comment on the plant.

It’s not clear who the mystery gardener growing the plant is, but resident Tanner says roundabout gardens like this one are typically tended by neighbours.

“I think it’s essentially harmless,” Tanner says. “This might be the start of one budding garden after another!”

With files from CTV News cameraman David Newcomb