VANCOUVER -- Conservation officers have set a trap after receiving two separate reports of people being charged by a bear this week in Port Moody.

Both incidents took place near the Port Moody Recreation Complex and Noons Creek Hatchery.

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service believe the same bear is responsible based on its physical description.

The area around the trap and nearby trails have been closed.

"We urge people to stay away for their safety," said conservation officer Chris Miller Thursday.

The first incident took place on Monday. Conservation says a woman was "charged aggressively" by a bear in the area.

The second incident took place on Tuesday night and was reported to conservation by a bystander. A woman was charged at and "potentially contacted" by the bear, according to what the witness told BCCOS. They are trying to find the woman who was directly involved to get more information.

"This bear is a high risk to public safety, so it needs to be trapped and removed," Miller said.

Miller says someone closed their trap overnight, so the cordoned-off area around it has been expanded and a camera has been installed.

"It's kind of unnerving. It's frustrating when that happens because it's for public safety that we're trying to remove this bear," he said. "It's dangerous to be in an area where we're trying to trap a bear that's exhibited aggressive behaviour so that's why we've closed the area."

The bear was spotted Thursday morning in that same location, Miller says.

"Our goal here is to trap this bear, assess it, and a determination will be made at that time," he said.

Conservation officers are asking people to respect the closures.

"I just urge people to stay away. It's closed for your safety," he said.

Conservation is hoping to speak to the woman who was charged on Tuesday and is asking to her to call them at 1-877-952-7277.