A notorious Abbotsford gangster and his close associate have been released on conditions after appearing in court in Port Coquitlam/>/> on a total of six fraud-related charges.

Jonathon Bacon, the eldest of a trio of brothers, and Dennis Karbovanec, each face three charges related to a 2007 incident believed to involve a leased Mercedes. The charges include possession of stolen property, one count of causing a person to use a forged document and one count of fraud over $5,000.

Police confirm Bacon was arrested overnight in Abbotsford, and Karbovanec was picked up in Port Moody after an investigation into gangs by the Coquitlam RCMP.

The duo are said to have ties to the Red Scorpions gang, which police say has close ties to the Lower Mainland's drug trade.

Bacon has a long history of drug and gun-related offenses and has been the subject of multiple warnings after threats were made against his life by rival gangs.

He and his brothers have been subject to almost round-the-clock surveillance after younger brother Jamie was targeted in a Langley/>/> shooting on Feb. 6. Another associate Kevin LeClair, 26, was shot and killed in that gunfire.

Jamie and Jarrod Bacon are both out on bail on drug and gun charges.

Last month, Port Moody police issued a warning to the public about associating with the brothers after they discovered Jonathon was living in the area.

"The Bacons have a long history of violence, a recent history of violence and being involved in shootings and our concern is that while they're residing in Port Moody they might be a target in our community and there could be some damage and harm caused to our community," said Insp. Andy Richards at the time.

CTV News spoke to one of the brothers, who said police are acting on rumours.

"You guys are making up stories and we'll have our day in court," he told CTV by phone from Abbotsford on Feb. 4.