A B.C. man currently serving a life sentence in prison for killing his 17-year-old daughter in 2003 has had his day parole extended, documents show.

Rajinder Singh Atwal was granted day parole for a period of six months beginning in December 2018, and the Parole Board of Canada granted an extension of day parole last month.

In July 2003, Atwal stabbed his daughter, Amandeep, multiple times while she was in the passenger seat of his car.

"You placed her body in the foot well of the vehicle and covered her with a blanket," parole documents say, describing the crime. "You drove for hours, past hospitals and police stations, before stopping and taking her to a Lower Mainland emergency room. You told the emergency room personnel that her wounds were self-inflicted."

Parole documents say Atwal was angry that his daughter was dating a man from a different ethno-cultural background. The documents describe his crime as a result of built-up anger after his daughter decided to move away from the family and live with her boyfriend in another city.

Atwal was sentenced to life in prison for second-degree murder, with the possibility of parole after 16 years. He was 46 years old at the time of the crime. Now 62, Atwal is eligible for full parole on July 30.

In recommending a continuation of day parole, the parole board writes that Atwal is a moderate risk to violently reoffend against a spouse and a low risk to do so against others he perceives to be interfering in his relationships.

The board writes that four-in-five offenders with similar profiles to Atwal do not reoffend after being released on parole.

As a condition of his day parole, Atwal is prohibited from consuming, purchasing or possessing alcohol. Documents indicate that he claims he has not had a drink since 1998.

Atwal is also required to avoid contact with his daughter's then-boyfriend or members of his family, immediately report any stressors or family conflict to his parole supervisor, and participate in counselling.

In addition to granting day parole, the board has ordered another hearing to consider Atwal's eligibility for full parole.

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