The streets of Richmond aren't a "playground" for drivers to zoom up and down at their leisure.

That's the message from Mounties after the driver of an Audi R8 sports car was allegedly caught speeding, passing on the right and changing lanes without signaling this week.

The Richmond detachment shared an image of the blue Audi being impounded on Twitter Monday along with a message to reckless drivers that their behaviour won't be tolerated.

"This Audi R8 driver was operating with wanton disregard for (the) safety of the community around him," it read.

The vehicle was caught on the Steveston Highway at around 11 a.m. Monday. It's unclear exactly how fast the Audi was going, but police cited the driver for "excessive speeding," meaning it would have been going at least 40 km/h over the posted limit.

"That is not something we find acceptable in our community," Cpl. Dennis Hwang told CTV News.

Some sports car drivers have expressed concerns that they're being unduly targeted by police, but Hwang said that's not the case in Richmond. He said officers are on the lookout for particular behaviours, not particular vehicles.

"If it was any other car we'd tweet it too," he told CTV News.

Impounded vehicles are kept for seven days on a first offence. Hwang wouldn't confirm whether the Audi driver has a history of driving infractions for privacy reasons.