Burnaby RCMP have released videotape of two suspects they allege were involved in a violent home invasion and sexual assault that took place last December.

One man has already been arrested but police are still looking for two other men.

On Friday, RCMP released surveillance video from a convenience store near the location of the attack. The footage shows one suspect, clad in a blue jacket with white stripes, along with the two other men.

The video was taken approximately ten minutes before they entered the home, police say.

"Initially we said in the release it was four males involved in this," Cpl. Alexandra Mulvihill told CTV News. "It is two other males that you will see in this video. That's not to say that we're not still saying there's four involved. However, it's just the three males that were in the 7-11."

Mulvihill says the convenience store is very close to the victim's home.

Anyone with information about the attack, or who can identify the suspects, is asked to call Burnaby RCMP.

Jason Robert MacFadden is facing charges of robbery and unlawful confinement.