Construction on the Alex Fraser Bridge is nearing completion and its new counter-flow lane will soon have a zipper-like barrier system for peak hour traffic.

Similar to the barrier system on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, the zipper truck will help move the barrier on the bridge's seventh lane. 

A video posted to Twitter from the province's transportation ministry shows the truck in action. It's a large, yellow vehicle that moves along the barrier, shifting its position to switch the direction of the lane. 

"Operator training is happening in preparation for the upcoming counter-flow system," the post says. 

The bridge underwent $70 million in construction to introduce that seventh lane in an effort to improve capacity. At the same time that construction was announced, the province also revealed a change in the speed limit on the bridge, from 90 km/h to 70. 

On Saturday, the province announced the seventh lane was open. Four lanes are currently available for southbound traffic, while three lanes are for those heading northbound.

Work is still being done on signage necessary for the counter-flow lane and the ministry says it expects the zipper truck will be operational later this fall.