Vancouver Canucks fans are being told to expect longer waits getting into Rogers Arena for pre-season games because of increased security measures, part of a sweeping change to all arenas that host major-league games.

Walk-through metal detectors are being installed at all main entrances in the arena starting Wednesday.

The measures are part of an initiative by the National Hockey League to standardize safety at all NHL arenas.

“These new security measures are consistent with those in effect at all other NHL venues, as well as NBA, MLB and NFL venues,” a memo from the Canucks reads.

A total of 55 similar metal detectors were installed in Toronto’s Rogers Centre in April, before the Blue Jays’ sold-out home opener.

At the time, the VP of security for the arena told CTV Toronto it reflected a change in security needs at recent events.

"From a cultural perspective in North America, I think what we have to do is look back to the Boston bombing as a reason why any sports facility wants to review the best practice," Mario Coutinho said.

The Canucks are is encouraging fans to arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes earlier than normal and pack lightly before the first preseason game on Sept. 22.

Fans will be asked to remove metal objects from their pockets and walk through the detectors, which are similar to those in airports.

The team says pat-downs or hand-held wands will only be used “in unique circumstances.”