The City of Vancouver is asking dog owners to "be respectful" while walking in Mountain View Cemetery after receiving a number of complaints about abandoned poo. 

A sign at the East Vancouver burial ground addresses dog owners directly, reminding them that "family, friends and visitors come here for funerals and to pay respect to those who have been laid to rest."

"You must remove from the cemetery any excrement deposited by the dog," it reads.

But a picture that was recently shared on Reddit shows half a dozen bags of leftover dog poo in the cemetery.

"This is unbelievably rude because so many cemeteries don't even allow dogs and then people are out here pulling this," one commenter wrote. "I thought Canadians were better than this."

The fines for letting a dog off-leash in the cemetery or failing to pick up its waste start at $250, and a city spokesperson told CTV News that Vancouver is looking into increased enforcement at Mountain View.

"The cemetery is a place of peaceful reflection for families who have lost loved ones," the spokesperson said in an email. "All visitors should be respectful when using the grounds."

The city could not confirm how many complaints about dog waste have been received in recent months, but said it is an "ongoing issue."

There are garbage bins at Mountain View where people can throw bags of poo, she added. The sign urging dog owners to comply has been in place since last summer.