Two Metro Vancouver animal shelters are dealing with a canine conundrum after 50 tiny dogs were left at separate facilities in different towns overnight.

A total of 38 dogs in a variety of hard-sided and wire carriers were dumped at Richmond Animal Protection Society sometime between 11 p.m. last night and 7 a.m. Friday morning.

The dogs include Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers and mixed-breed terriers. Two are young puppies.

In Pictures: 50 canines left outside two Metro Vancouver shelters

All of the animals appear to be in good health, said Richmond City Spokesperson Ted Townsend.

The animals will be taken to see a vet today for a checkup and any necessary vaccinations.

Townsend says he’s never heard of something on this scale happening in the city. He believes all of the dogs will be put up for adoption.

It’s unknown where the dogs came from, but one woman identifying herself as a shelter worker speculated they could have come from a puppy mill.

A photo of the pups was tweeted out Friday morning with the caption: “We got 30+ dogs dumped at our shelter at once, there needs to be a law against puppy mills.”

Another 12 dogs were left outside the animal shelter in New Westminster.

A shelter spokesperson who spoke to CTV News said staff is concerned that some are not healthy. Some of the dogs appear undernourished and one may have vision issues.

They’re unsure if the dogs came from the same place as the ones dumped at the Richmond facility, and are in touch to coordinate information.