Vancouver's director of transportation is recommending city council pass a proposal for Hornby Street's separated bike lane next week, but estimates the project will cost $3.2 million.

At $810,000, the city's first separated bike lane on Dunsmuir Street cost about a quarter of that figure to install but the Hornby Street lane will be much longer.

The cost breakdown includes $1.1 million for traffic signal changes, $947,000 for new passenger and loading zones, $390,000 for planters and $200,000 for a campaign advertising the lane to the public.

The proposal is causing controversy because if the lane is approved, 158 parking spots would be removed.

Charles Gauthier, spokesman for the Downtown Business Improvement Association, said that store and restaurant owners are afraid that the lack of street parking will adversely affect their businesses.

"We're losing literally half of the parking available on Hornby Street and we're concerned whether or not motorists that park further afield will continue to patronize the businesses on Hornby Street," he said.

The council vote on the proposal will take place next week. If it is approved, construction will take ten weeks to complete depending on weather conditions. After completion, the lane will be in place for a minimum of six months as a trial period.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Shannon Paterson