VANCOUVER – Think the Canucks don't have a shot at the Stanley Cup this year? Want to bet?

The odds on a Vancouver victory are now 27:1 as of Tuesday, the B.C. Lottery Corporation said in a news release. Not great, maybe, but the team started the season at 39:1.

BCLC says the 'Nucks began the season "as a long shot" to make it to the playoffs, but their odds on the corporation's online gaming site "have improved to a virtual coin flip.

"Holding onto one of the final playoff spots, the Canucks' odds of making the postseason are now 19:20, compared to 7:4 when the season began."

The team is still favoured to miss out, but the odds of securing a spot have improved.

In an effort to entice would-be bettors, BCLC provided a breakdown of the payout possible based on the current odds and a $10 bet.

A wager that the team makes the playoffs, at 19:20 odds, would pay out $19.50. Someone who bets the same amount that the team doesn't make it would get $17 at the current odds, if their prediction came true.

That $10 would jump to $270 if someone bet that the team would win the cup, at today's odds.

Those bets would have to be locked in online by Tuesday at 5 p.m. for the bettor to cash in.

Ahead of the 2019-20 season, BCLC took bets on the same subject in September. Someone who bought in at those odds could stand to win $390 off their $10 bet if the team wins the ultimate title this spring.

BCLC also took bets on whether the Raptors would win their first-ever championship, and those who wagered they would won about $250,000 combined.

The site regularly offers opportunities to bet on sports outcomes, but also hosts more unusual wagers. is currently taking bets on who will design Princess Beatrice's wedding dress, which film will win Best Picture at the Oscars and which gender the next U.S. president will be, among other topics.