The number of drivers who have filed claims over falling ice on the Port Mann Bridge last week has ballooned to roughly 250, according to the Insurance Corporation of B.C.

Frozen debris started dropping onto cars as they crossed the new billion-dollar bridge on Dec. 19, denting hoods, cracking windshields and injuring two people before officials eventually closed the Port Mann in both directions.

Early reports suggested about five dozen vehicles were impacted by falling ice, but ICBC confirmed Thursday that the number of insurance claims stemming from the mishap has more than quadrupled that.

Spokeswoman Lindsay Olsen said the claims will be investigated for any potential fraud, in cooperation with Treo, the company responsible for collecting tolls on the bridge.

“We will be reviewing the claims with Treo data to confirm they are associated with the incident,” Olsen said in an email statement.

The Transportation Investment Corporation, which operates the new bridge, has agreed to pay the deductibles of drivers whose vehicles were damaged.

Tolls have also been waived for anyone who crossed the bridge between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. the day of the incident.

ICBC has also received approximately 30 claims from drivers who say their cars were damaged by falling ice on the Alex Fraser Bridge the same day.

Olsen said the Crown insurance company is still determining how the deductibles should be handled for those cases.