A man accused of speeding over the Lions Gate Bridge in a Ferrari won't be permitted to get behind the wheel for 16 months.

West Vancouver police were notified Monday that the lengthy prohibition had been ordered by the B.C. superintendent of motor vehicles. The 22-year-old driver, who has not been publicly named, was served the official notice at approximately 4 p.m., and the ban came into effect immediately.

The prohibition stems from an incident on July 4.

The man was pulled over after his 2015 Ferrari 458 was clocked at 210 km/h on the Lions Gate Bridge. The speed limit on the bridge is 60 km/h, and drops to 50 as northbound drivers enter the off-ramp area.

At the time, the vehicle was impounded for seven days, but the next day officials decided to extend it to 60. The driver may also face charges, police said, and officers plan to forward a report to the Crown later this week.

The driver was known to police, having been pulled over for excessive speed on the same bridge in April.

He is expected to appear in court in September to set a date for a hearing on charges of excessive speed and driving without due care and attention.