VANCOUVER -- Child actor Sophie Grace says she fell in love with Vancouver while shooting the new Netflix reboot of "The Baby-Sitters Club," and didn't even mind doing some real-life babysitting on set.

Grace scored the role of club president Kristy Thomas in the series, which features the same characters as the classic books facing more modern-day problems.

The show debuted earlier this month to strong reviews, with critics calling it "funny, sweet, and emotionally complex" and a "total triumph."

Speaking to CTV Morning Live on Monday, Grace said she was happy to step into a role she described as a "total girl boss."

"She's a young entrepreneur that has this great idea to make a club and she recruits her friends," the young actor said from her home in Jacksonville, Wyoming. "She puts up a very tough front but she's a real softie on the inside."

The series has not been picked up for a second season yet, and with the COVID-19 crisis, it's unclear whether a hypothetical second season would return to B.C.

But Grace said the three months she lived in Vancouver for the first season was a great experience, and that she spent her weekends exploring the city and surrounding areas.

"I love it there," Grace said. "We went to Victoria, Kitsilano, downtown – we went anywhere you could imagine in the Vancouver area. It was so beautiful, everything is just gorgeous there."

One of the biggest surprises of the shoot was learning that Alicia Silverstone, star of "Clueless," would be playing her mother on the show. Grace said she was hanging out on set when her mom and the director broke the news.

"It was so crazy," she said. "My head flew up off the rest of my body, I didn't know what to do. It didn't register right away."

After growing up with five siblings, Grace said she's no stranger to babysitting, and that her skills actually came in handy while filming certain scenes with much younger actors.

"Sometimes we had to just entertain them a little bit when the cameras were getting set up, so we did babysitting quite a bit," she said.

Her large family is also how she first got exposed to "The Baby-Sitters Club" books. Grace said she was a fan, but admitted she never made it through all 131 books in the original series, which ended in 1999.

"My oldest sister had a whole collection that my grandma had given her and she passed it down to me and my other sister, and it was something we could bond over," Grace said.