Two years to the day after a young B.C. realtor was found dead inside an upscale home, police are expected to make a renewed plea for information about her unsolved murder.

Twenty-four-year-old Lindsay Buziak was stabbed to death on the second-floor of a Victoria-area home she was showing. Her body was later discovered by her boyfriend.

After remaining tight-lipped for two years, Buziak's mother is expected to speak publically at a press conference in Saanich later today. The young realtor's family has maintained someone must have information about her death.

Police have interviewed as many as 1,500 witnesses during the course of its investigation. At the height of the case, nearly 30 investigators worked on the case. This number has been reduced to five.

Just over a year ago, police asked for help locating a man and a woman believed to be in the million-dollar Gordon Head home where Buziak was killed.

Investigators released a sketch of a woman described as being 35 to 40 years old -- with short blonde hair. The man is described as Caucasian, around six feet tall, with a medium build and dark hair. He was wearing a light to medium-brown jacket and was well dressed.

Buziak's father, Jeff, told CTV News in Feb. 2009 he's very frustrated with the case and wants justice.

"I'd like to say [to the person responsible] if you have one ounce of humanity and decency in your being, come and see me. Take responsibility for your actions. Quit being a coward and a worm."

Jeff Buziak said he had a very special bond with his daughter.

"Parents aren't supposed to outlive their children. Especially someone as special as Lindsay. It guts you from the inside out."

Industry changes

Buziak's death spurred tighter security measures to protect real estate agents, said Chris Markham, past president of the Victoria Real Estate Board.

"We're telling people to understand who their client is and if they don't -- to make sure you go out with someone else. People have also been told to work in teams," he told

Realtors now carry wireless lock boxes capable of sending out distress signals.

"These send out a message to three different people, so it's really important. Her death shook our industry and rippled right across Canada. It's very tragic."

If you have any information about Lindsay Buziak's murder, call the tip line at 1-250-475-4313.