A young entrepreneur from White Rock is hoping to cash in on the fidget spinning craze of 2017.

The small ball-bearing devices that spin between your fingers are one of the hottest selling toys right now and while you can buy them at just about any toy store, 12-year-old Cole Counsell is hoping his unique spin on the device will be a hit.

“Me and my friend were just sitting at home kind of bored and we found out that fidget spinners were becoming a thing," explained Counsell.

He got busy, perfecting and making his own. Using cord, glue and a bearing he created his own spinning device.

“The fact that it's homemade and not 3D printed is unique", Counsell said, "I like that it kind of distracts you from everything else that's going on.”

At $12, the spinners caught on quickly with his friends at school, and soon after, he created his own website to sell his creations online.

"It's been really fun to watch him learn how to be an entrepreneur really quickly," said Angelique Jensen, Counsell’s mom, "He's always experimenting with what he can build next. The hardware centre knows him by name."

Toy Box owner Gary Mussatto knows firsthand just how popular the fidget spinners are. He’s kept his store well stocked with the devices for months now, but he’s happy to have some new competition.

“I think that there’s a lot of fun to go around,” said Mussatto.

The toy was first marketed as a device to help kids, especially those with ADHD, focus. But it didn’t take long for many teachers to say it can also be major distraction in the classroom. Some schools have now banned the devices in class, but some teachers will still allow students to use them.

Counsell has now added thumb chucks – a new toy that is essentially two rubber balls connected by ribbon – to his product line and has hopes to spin off his business internationally, well, sort of.

“This summer I’m going to Australia and I’m going to be able to bring a few with me. So I’m going to sell some there and see if anyone wants them,” he laughed.