VANCOUVER -- More than six weeks after bus fares were suspended across Metro Vancouver, TransLink says it'll be collecting fares again starting next month.

Front-door boarding and fares will return to buses on June 1. 

The temporary changes were made on March 20, when TransLink imposed back-door boarding only to promote physical distancing. Since some buses weren't equipped for fare collection at the back door, TransLink suspended all fares on buses. 

Now, a temporary extension to the Plexiglas barriers will be added to some buses, while vinyl barriers will be added to others. 

"We've managed to find an innovative solution which ensures the safety of our bus operators, while also allowing for safe fare collection," said TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond in a news release.

"We've already started to procure materials and install the barriers on our fleet, with an expectation that this process will be complete by June."

TransLink said it's losing about $75 million each month during the pandemic, partially due to reduced ridership. But by reintroducing fares on buses, the transit authority expects to collect $2 million monthly.