VANCOUVER -- The BC Wildfire Service is making it a bit easier to report fires this season.

The provincial service launched a free app this week that includes a tool for reporting a fire in your area.

The "report a fire" feature of the app developed by the B.C. government provides two phone numbers, and tells those about to make a report what information they should have ready.

They'll be asked for the location, including how far up a hillside, the size of the fire, how quickly it's spreading, what appears to be burning, and what colour the smoke is.

Other questions include whether there are any people or buildings threatened by the fire, whether anyone is there fighting it, and if you can tell if it's a campfire (and in that case, wood-based or propane).

The app also includes an interactive fire map, which includes active fires, fire perimeters, fire centre boundaries, fire danger ratings and fire bans.

Users can access real-time wildfire information, as well as the latest news and advisories in their area.

A description for the app, which can be downloaded through Apple's App Store and Google Play, says it also includes statistics for the current year.

To find it, search for "BC Wildfire Service," and choose the option with the subtext "Official BC Wildfire Info."