VANCOUVER -- Gas prices are continuing to fall in parts of B.C., with some Metro Vancouver stations posting prices below a dollar.

On Wednesday morning, multiple Vancouver stations had gas priced at 97.9 cents per litre. 

By noon, at least one Vancouver gas station's price had dipped to 95.9. Around that same time in the Fraser Valley, some stations were selling below 85 cents.

Just over two weeks ago, gas was closer to 140 cents per litre in Metro Vancouver. At the time, Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy, said "gas prices have nowhere to go but down and like a rock."

DeHann said the ongoing plummet is being caused by a sharp drop in global demand due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, along with an oil dispute between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

On Wednesday, the lowest gas price in the province, according to GasBuddy, was 71.9 cents per litre in Prince George.