SURREY -- Crews have finally removed a motorhome that for days had been hanging from the side of the Surrey, B.C. home it crashed into last Saturday.

“This is one of our largest jobs we’ve done this year,” said Kit Moller, owner of Clover Towing.

Starting early on Friday morning, about a dozen crew members pulled two vans and the RV from the property along 140A Street and 116th Avenue.

“Generally we extract vehicles from ditches or accident scenes on the roadside but very rarely do we come across something like this where a vehicle has gone directly into a house,” Moller said.

On Saturday, emergency crews responded to the area after 911 calls came in about a crash.

The RV had lost control coming down a hill and smashed through barricades and trees into the side of a house.

The home was empty at the time according to the Surrey Fire Department and the driver was taken to hospital in stable condition.

The son of the driver later told CTV News his mother was healing at home the next day with cuts and bruises.

The homeowner who neighbours know by Manfred is in hospital dealing with unrelated health conditions.

An online fundraiser is hoping to raise $20,000 to help him recover his items lost in the home.