The family of a man charged with street racing who allegedly caused the death of an 83-year-old man is speaking out about how the accusations have shattered their lives.

This week 28-year-old Gurjit Dhillon appeared in provincial court on a charge of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death for the 2009 Surrey crash.

The Crown alleges he was racing his black Corvette against a yellow Corvette when he lost control and struck victim Pritam Benning as he sat at a bus stop.

The great-grandfather lost his legs below the knees and died in hospital five days later.

While Dhillon is not allowed to speak to the media until his trial is over, his wife Mamta wanted to speak out because she fears her husband has already been convicted in the public’s mind.

“It seems like everyone just sort of put this label on him of a street racer, although nothing has been concluded. To continue to keep on hearing that day after day after day hasn’t been easy,” she said.

Mamta said her husband had a perfect driving record before the accident. He works as an electrician and was driving his brother’s car when the crash occurred.

Counsel confirmed that Dhillon tried to help Benning at the scene and called 911. A recording of the call is expected to be played in court Monday.

Mamta said the entire family has grieved Benning’s death for three years and that Dhillon carries a reminder of the fatal crash with him everyday.

“He's got a tattoo on his forearm of Mr. Benning’s name, the date of when it happened and the fact that that’s when life changed. It's a reality of our life,” she said.

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Julia Foy