A woman who recently moved from Vancouver to Toronto is desperately hoping WestJet will find her pet after the feline went missing in Vancouver International Airport’s cargo area Thursday.

Kelli Seepaul had dropped off her two cats – Finnigan and Willow – at YVR’s cargo area when she heard her name announced just before boarding her Toronto-bound flight.

“They said that they had lost one of my cats,” she told CTV News in Toronto.

Seepaul had bought an airline-approved cat carrier specifically for the trip – but WestJet told her the bottom had fallen out and her cats escaped.

“I instantly panicked, I started to cry. I mean they’re not just pets – anyone who has a pet or loves animals knows that they’re a part of their family,” she said, visibly shaken.

She delayed her flight and Finnigan was eventually found, but two days later, Willow remains missing.

Officials are now scattering food in the cargo area of the airport hoping to find the animal.

WestJet said in a statement all airport employees are on alert for the missing cat and various animal agencies are also involved.

“We appreciate how deeply upsetting this is for our guest and all possible efforts are being made to find Willow…We continue to do everything possible and hope she will be found very soon.”

“I know she’s scared and hungry,” Seepaul said. “There are a lot of conveyor belts down there so I’m worried about her safety.”

She has a special connection with Willow and Finnigan. Both cats were rescued from abusive conditions by the SPCA and Seepaul adopted them in March.

She said the felines “weren’t as adoptable as most.”

Willow is a special needs cat that is skittish around people and doesn’t like to be picked up, she said.

This isn’t the first time a cherished pet has become lost luggage – last week Pat Torlen’s cat escaped from Air Canada’s care in Winnipeg.

Volunteers sprayed the airport grounds with tuna juice hoping to lure the cat out – and five days later, her cat Lightning was found.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Calvin To