VANCOUVER -- Surrey residents with ideas for how the city should shape its 10-year transportation plan are being asked for their feedback.

The city, which expects its population will increase by about 50 per cent over the next 30 years, launched an online survey earlier this week, looking for input from residents, business owners and other community stakeholders. 

"Transportation is an important issue that impacts our environment, business community and the daily lives of our residents," said Mayor Doug McCallum in a news release. 

"To develop an effective, viable plan that addresses the needs of all residents, we need to first understand what is most important to our community and how best to move forward."

The most recent data posted by the City of Surrey shows the population in 2017 reached 557,310. By 2046, estimates suggest the population could reach more than 820,000. 

Newton accounts for more than a quarter of the city's population, while the city centre core has seen the highest annual growth rate over the past 10 years.

"Surrey is one of the fastest growing major cities in Canada," McCallum said. "With your input, you can help shape this plan that will address our population growth, leverage new technology and the future of transportation networks in our city."

Some of the survey questions include how often residents used different transportation methods before the COVID-19 pandemic, and why they used those ways of getting around. The survey also asks individuals to rate how safe different transportation methods are, how connected they are and how the city's maintenance ranks. 

Those taking the survey are also asked to rate how satisfied they are with the city's transportation system overall. 

The transportation plan is expected to be developed over the next 16 months and will also include a long-range vision looking beyond 2050. Two online public houses are being held next month to provide more information.