VANCOUVER -- A group of baby otters in the care of a Lower Mainland wildlife rehabilitation centre took their first swim last week.

Seven otter pups were taken in by the Critter Care Wildlife Society in Langley and were recently given a swimming lesson. 

In a video posted to Facebook last Wednesday, an employee at the centre coaxes the pups out of a kennel and towards a small pool. 

The pups can be seen poking their noses out, and taking a sniff of the water.

"Like people, otters need to be taught how to swim. They don't know how to swim by nature," a wildlife society employee says in the video. 

"Their mother typically drags them into the water to teach them how to swim, and this is exactly what we're going to do."

After letting the otters explore the water's edge for several minutes, one employee gently lifts an otter into the water. The pup swims its first lap, then climbs back out. 

They repeat this with the other otters, giving them all a chance to try swimming. 

On Sunday, the wildlife society posted a second video, saying, "After a few days of swimming lessons our babies are pool bound!"

The post says that while some of pups were still unsure of the water, they expect them all the be swimming soon.