VANCOUVER -- While many complained about the days of snow that impacted traffic and transit in Metro Vancouver, an otter appeared to have no trouble getting around.

Video captured in Vancouver's Stanley Park this week showed the otter out on the water.

Ryan Dahle witnessed the otter while out in the snow. His video shows the marine mammal taking a few running steps and then sliding on its belly.

The otter takes a few more steps, then slides again.

At the end of the videos, the otter reaches a hole in the ice and dips beneath the surface.

Otter sightings are not unheard of in Vancouver, a city that once chose sides – otter or koi – when several fatal fish attacks were reported in a garden in Chinatown. They've also often been the subject of rescues off the coasts of the mainland and Vancouver Island.

In Stanley Park, Lost Lagoon, Beaver Lake and the surrounding greenspace are home to a variety of wildlife.

Beavers are known to spend time in the area, and the park hosts one of the largest urban great blue heron colonies in North America.

The City of Vancouver says at least one family of coyotes is known to live within Stanley Park, and bats, raccoons, squirrels and bald eagles are all common sights.

Harbour seals can also be seen searching for fish off the park's shores.

The city estimates at least 500 species live in Stanley Park.