A very west coast moment was captured on camera by a local fire chief as he visited B.C.'s Sunshine Coast.

The slow-motion video was posted on Twitter over the weekend by Vancouver Chief Darrell Reid.

In the 45-second clip, a bald eagle can be seen diving to grab a fish out of the water.

As Reid explained in his post, the bird "hits it but doesn't catch it on the first pass."

The eagle is seen swooping in, manoeuvering to a feet-first position right before reaching the water's service.

It appears to snatch the fish quickly, but then drop it. The fish is seen flopping back into the water.

But then the bird "turns on a dime," Reid says. Its talons enter the water near where the fish was last seen, and it manages to capture its prey.

The eagle then flies back in the direction it came from.

"The Sunshine Coast is an incredible part of Canada!" Reid posted.

He added three hashtags to his post: #WestCoastLife, #WestCoastBestCoast and #ExcitedKids.

The chief's post has since been "liked" more than 900 times, and retweeted by more than 200.

One person wrote that he'd seen something similar in the Haida Gwaii area of B.C., and that the first hit stuns the fish so it's easy to grab on the second pass.

A woman shared her own video of an eagle fishing off the coast of New Brunswick.

Another posted a photo she took a few years ago at another location on B.C.'s coast of a successful hunt.

And Dan Wood, the Deputy Fire Chief in Saanich, posted his own video of an osprey protecting its nest from a heron.