The Vancouver Police Department has apologized to the families of women murdered by Robert Pickton for not catching the serial killer sooner.

Following Supreme Court of Canada's rejection of a new trial for Pickton, the Vancouver Police Department offered its strongest admission yet that the force had failed his victims.

"On my behalf and on behalf of the Vancouver Police Department and all the men and women who worked on this case I would say how sorry we all are for your losses and because we did not catch this monster sooner," Vancouver Deputy Chief Cont. Doug "When faced with the worst, we should have been better."

LePard said he will always be haunted by the case, and that the VPD has recommended that the provincial government conduct a public inquiry into why it took so long for Pickton to be arrested.

Attorney General Mike De Jong said Friday that a decision will be made soon on whether to conduct that inquiry.

De Jong told reporters that, up until now, all the efforts of the Crown have been aimed at completing a successful prosecution of Robert Pickton.

He said the government will review the VPD and RCMP reports on the missing women before making a decision on an inquiry.

De Jong admitted there are compelling arguments for an inquiry, saying the families of the victims want answers and even some of the investigators involved feel there should be an examination of what happened.

He said it will be up to the provincial cabinet to make the final decision, and would not give a time lines.

More than 60 women disappeared from the streets of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside over several years and their families complained the police took too long to investigate because many of the women were drug addicts or sex trade workers.