VANCOUVER -- Surveillance video obtained by CTV News shows a stranger creep up behind a woman and punch her with such force, she was knocked flat to the ground.

Transit Police confirmed she was attacked just before 10 o’clock the night of May 12, at the Main Street-Science World SkyTrain Station.

The victim is seen approaching the fare gates on Main Street, when a man wearing shorts, T-shirt and a baseball cap comes into frame, winds up and slugs her in the back of head. The woman’s wig and belongings fall to the floor, and then the man is seen taking off.

The next images show the victim getting up and looking bewildered as she collects her possessions off the station floor.

The footage was captured by the security camera of a neighbouring condominium.

“Acts of violence occur all the time in this neighbourhood,” said Patricia Chartrand, who lives in the building at Main and Terminal.

“It’s horrific and shocking. It’s gotten progressively worse, and more and more dangerous."

“When our kids (are) here, they’re afraid to walk in this area,” said another resident of the building. “Sometime we’re all afraid.”

Witnesses saw the man in the video cross the street moments after the SkyTrain attack and smash the glass of a bus stop stand.

Both Transit Police and the Vancouver Police Department acknowledged issues in the neighbourhood.

“We do have additional officers and resources working that area,” said VPD spokesperson Sgt. Aaron Roed.

Transit Police confirmed they tracked the attacker down and have recommended assault charges. They are also seeking a warrant for his arrest, but so far nothing has been approved by Crown.

That means the man is still at large.

The victim is understandably still shaken but is doing well otherwise.