VANCOUVER -- As businesses slowly reopen in Vancouver's downtown core, the murals that had been painted on many of their boarded windows might soon be on display somewhere else.

Throughout Vancouver, local artists were asked to brighten up businesses that were closed because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

But now, as businesses are reopening, those works of art are being taken down.

"We're going to be salvaging as many of the murals that we can," said Charles Gauthier, president and CEO of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association. 

"We're looking at doing a temporary display of the murals that kind of speak to this time in history in regards to how COVID-19 has impacted our city." 

Discussions are underway with TransLink and private building owners who might be able to display some of the murals. 

"We're looking at ensuring that the public can come out and take a look at them if they haven't seen them already," Gauthier explained. 

Gauthier said the murals came together because so many different groups – from artists to businesses to community organizations – were willing to collaborate. 

"Art and music and anything cultural lifts us up in times of despair and we are living in very challenging times right now and just to do something like this to show community spirit and support I think has made a big difference," he said. 

For now, many of the murals can be viewed through a virtual gallery.