VANCOUVER - If you're visiting the Vancouver Public Library's central branch this weekend, you may want to look up.

A haunting suspended statue, called "Adrift," has been installed in the upper floors of the library, and the artists say the sculpture is meant to evoke a question: "Is it a boat, or bones?"

"'Adrift,' suspended beneath the light of the sky silently asks the question – a boat or a carcass?" say the artists, Rebecca Belmore and Osvaldo Yero in a news release.

"The disparity between these two entities, a boat as an empty vessel and a carcass as evidence of death is a signal of the uncertain future that we all face together."

You can see the new piece of public art on floors eight and nine of the library's central branch at 350 W. Georgia Street.

While parts of the sculpture look like bone or driftwood, it's actually made of stainless steel and translucent cast resin.

Belmore and Yero describe their sculpture as "unsettling … resting somewhere between our limited understanding of our ancient past and our inability to predict what is to come in time."

The sculpture is a permanent addition to the upper floors, which were recently renovated to include public space, an art gallery, meeting rooms and access to an outdoor terrace.