Police in Costa Rica are investigating after a man from Vancouver was found shot dead in a supposed home invasion in that country.

According to the Judicial Investigation Organization, gunmen entered a home in Escazú southeast of Santa Ana midday Thursday disguised as security guards.

Private investigator Douglas Smith said the intruders presented themselves as security and told the guard that they were there to fix the alarm systems.

The gunmen then tied up the guard and approached the house where 42-year-old Canadian Brad Deering was along with two other men and a woman.

Authorities found Deering dead with three gunshot wounds outside the house after appearing to attempt to escape, investigators said.

The three others in the house with Deering were tied up but were able to escape, Smith said.

Neighbours called police following the incident and the suspects fled the scene.

The OIJ is initially writing up the incident as a standard home invasion, but Smith said he hesitates to agree with that.

“The scuttlebutt seems to be that they were zeroed in on Brad specifically,” he said. “If it’s just a robbery it’s rare they’ll go ahead and do a daylight thing.”

Canadian consular officials are gathering information for the investigation along with Costa Rican authorities.

Since the attack, the Canadian government has issued a travel advisory about going to Costa Rica and recommends a high degree of caution due to an increase in violent crime.

With files by CTV British Columbia’s Scott Bills

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