A Vancouver designer is merging fashion with philanthropy in a campaign aimed to raise money to help build water wells in South Sudan.

Obakki designer Treana Peake is selling limited edition scarves as part of the Scarves for Water campaign.

Money raised from sales of the scarves will go toward drilling a water well in a small African village.

“Amedechi is a village in South Sudan that's made up of women and orphans who have been left behind because of the civil war. So when people buy this, 100 per cent of the money goes toward creating a water well for them," said Peake, “At the moment the water is not clean. It's full of disease and bacteria. There is much suffering in the community.”

The Vancouver designer has seen firsthand how clean water can transform lives.

"To date we've drilled 700 water wells in South Sudan. We've provided nutritional medical and educational support to thousands of orphans around the world. We've built schools in remote regions where kids just don't have access to education," she said.

The scarves sell for $29 each and are selling out fast. You can buy them online on the Obakki Foundation’s website.